A Fool's Spell

 I believe that you got the best of me.
I wonder how you are after all this time that we have been apart.

Did you believed in love at first sight?
I wonder where you hide...
In my dreams you never lied!
Blinded like a soulless fool,
Why you leaved it all behind?


Hide me, try me!
Hide beside me!

And I'm trying to crawl...

The Passing

Time slips away, 
down into the ground I fall and fade.

So many times I saw this coming, 
but still on my knees I am falling.

The passing through the air, 
from the shade of the world, 
I keep falling...

Black Silhouettes

Golden lies in cellophane,
Broken hearts that feel no pain.
Hopeless dreams wrapped in vain,
Shallow minds now remain.

The desire to feel the same
Was shut down and washed away.
And the dreams that once were real
Are now gone and replaced by fear.
And the lights are going dim,
black silhouettes are calling me...

And time will go away
Will you show me the way…

Sometimes the rain will wash your pain.
We gotta be clear, we have to make sure
that no one is getting off the road!

And now you wear a thousand masks
To disguise the truth inside.
Hunting everyone around
But now your lies will break you down!

You used to be calm, you used to be cool
But now, you are just another fool!
Beaten by the greed of the world,
Hey pal, Your soul has gone to hell! 

Overture (Beyond)

On the line your blood is running wild.
On disguise, the sword on the hand is on denial.
You stand for honor on the road.
You step into the war zone
Dying for glory and blood.

You are telling lies but she is the one that’s hunting you inside.
And you are trapped like a madman running wild before you die.
And the exit sign shines like one last hope to crawl outside,
Time is running out!

Hold me down, I don’t feel the same
I been holding on my only pain.
For too long Ive been crying on my own
I found the door to heaven and beyond.
To heaven and beyond…

And beyond!

Never The Same

I’ve seen all the seasons pass by…
Friends and love ones that die…
Why does time keep slipping away?
Now I know it’s too damn late…

In the end the past recedes,
On my knees, to god I plead.
Hold my hand and walk with me,
To the land of timeless dreams!

For the sun will never be the same
For the sun will never fade away!

I analyze your disguise,
I have been hypnotized.
It’s not the same without you here.
I am compromised to cry…
I won’t lie, I think I’m gonna die…
Without you near, without you here…

Walking On The Moon

Shine like the sun,
Forget everyone,
You thought I’d be the one to fall.
But no, This time I won,
And you start and fall,
Welcome to the dark side of the moon.

I been changing all the friends around me,
Leave the past behind me, and start again.
But I can’t let go...

I can’t let you go!!!

The past keeps hunting me
And there is no way to run.
Everything inside of me
Tears me upside down
And I might loose control.
I find no place to go,
Now im loosing my sight elsewhere,
Follow me, just step into the twilight zone!

Shine like the sun
Forget everyone
You thought I’d be the one to fall.
But no, This time I won.
And you start and fall,
Welcome to the dark side of the Moon!