Black Silhouettes

Golden lies in cellophane,
Broken hearts that feel no pain.
Hopeless dreams wrapped in vain,
Shallow minds now remain.

The desire to feel the same
Was shut down and washed away.
And the dreams that once were real
Are now gone and replaced by fear.
And the lights are going dim,
black silhouettes are calling me...

And time will go away
Will you show me the way…

Sometimes the rain will wash your pain.
We gotta be clear, we have to make sure
that no one is getting off the road!

And now you wear a thousand masks
To disguise the truth inside.
Hunting everyone around
But now your lies will break you down!

You used to be calm, you used to be cool
But now, you are just another fool!
Beaten by the greed of the world,
Hey pal, Your soul has gone to hell! 

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