Rise of the Self-Awareness

No time to forget
the story to be said.
While all the rich claim power,
people constantly fight to survive.

We are raised to ignore
what is right in front of us.
A thousand years of bullshit history,
mankind is far from the truth...

... and time is running out!

We must rise from our own grief
and remove the blindfold keeping us from light.
The spiritual revolution starts as an
internal shutdown of the ego.

The only freedom we can grasp
is the constant change
towards a mental progress.
Learning to break the bubble
without any regret,
learning to see life without
materialistic blindness.

We must learn to break
through the paradigms and laws
enforced by society.
True enlightenment will come
if we learn to silence and shut
the inner voice that distorts our thoughts,
shutdown of the ego.

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