Dont underestimate
the independent.
Your future depends on it,
flawless and unforgiving,
time wont give you another chance.

Search for truth,
a quest since youth
until judgement wears off.
My condolences to sympathy.

Pull the trigger
if you dare.
No time for a bad romance,
its time to break down the wall.

Flawless, endless,
sweet and tangled,
souless mistress
lies that blind you.

Leave unattended
all that calls you.
Awake your inner self,
time to escape the crystal prison.


a life overrating
seeking for answers.
Mothers, fathers,
Guilt is heavy
and fearthless. Endless.

Much to come
much to loose.
Welcome Home,
young boy airborne.
Meet your tune.

Scream if you want,
wont do you any good.
No one is listening in this war.
Its not that far,
world of bizarre,
leave me be.

Deadly ghost
rest at ease,
no more host
for this mad disease.
Violence must stop.

Now and for all time,
like a twist of lime,
blind folded dime,
reach for the sky
and fill your pockets with dreams.

Dreams to remember.


Mankind is at war.
Since the beginning,
the story is always
the same.

How can we be
so stubborn?
Neglect life,
embrace hate.

Peace is the only
way out.
Will we ever see
that which lies
in front of us?


Our human kryptonite,
the spirit fight.
How much more blood
needs to be spilled?

The end is near
and there is nothing
stopping it!
We call this ourselves.

good or bad?

Our only weapons.

The future is calling
but its not coming.
We must break free,
stop the war, start living.

Make Love
not war!
Our choice?
Always has been.


A travelers find,
such a lesson for life.
Hitchhikers guide,
a journeyman's wife.

human intelligence.
The road to suppuration,
evolution of a nation.

spirit renewal.
Constant imagination
appealing no restriction.

Between the sky
and the road,
the moon shows the way.
No tomorrow, just today!

Broken Mirror

A broken mirror
for a shallow soul.
It's time for us
to tear the wall.

A sweat of blood
to ease the night.
No remorse,
no need to fight.

A blank mind,
passive for ideals
struggling to overcome
what destiny reveals.

Rest assure,
enlightenment will come.
When the time is right,
all will be shown.


No Adrenaline frenzy!
Enough blood has been

A cross out for
the wicked.
A shutdown
of cricked,
stumbling men.

Last breath,
stunning gun.
Impatient soldier
under the burning sun.

Lay your down your fear
and stop this war.
No more innocent victims
for a mind so far.

Put down your weapon
and strip away hate.
Put a stop on the war,
that's your fate!


fatal foe.
last hope for retribution.

A false skin
for the wicked.
A strange mask
that hides truth.

Beauty ain't a job.
It's not something external.
No such thing as cover girl.
With photoshop,
there's no such thing as freedom.

Magazine junkie,
fashion addict,
things are not as they appear.

No complaints for a thought thief,
no remorse for self belief.
Beauty comes free?
That is a first!
Vanity, cursed are thee.


You call this a gift?
How much poison
is left inside of you?

Payback is a bitch!
Haven't you heard?

Greed blinds you.
Keeps your pace
small and insignificant.
You better run!

Tremble before it
for you are no one.
A small shadow
for a white King.

Let your mind
roam free,
more room for me.
Embrace hope,
Let your ego vanish!

Love is Fair

What will it be?
Will you come with me,
Leave all behind
and never look back?

Will you step up
and move on,
to heaven and beyond,
or would you deny
your fate?

Would you die for love?

Open your eyes.
See the sky,
breathe spring air,
Love is fair.

What will it be?
Would you come with me?
Love is fair and unprepared.
It has come for me,
has it come for you?

The Gate

The gate is closed.
No road ahead.
Set your destination
to ghost town.

Trampled under air,
a breathe of despair,
deep and fair.
No time to waste!

The golden bridge
for kings and queens
lies at your feet.
Your chance to meet
your destiny,

Time to wake up!

Destiny Revealed

A beautiful lie,
that is what it seems.
Let an idea die
for another one to grow.

An old dream
that comes true.
A broken team
loosing steam,
What can it do?

It seems strange,
all the sudden change
making us exchange
our dream for another one's

Destiny revealed,
no mystery approached.
Just the darkest...
Sulfur steaming.

The black approaches.
With it,
a proposition
of the biggest conditions.

Must I give myself away?


Not in a million years.
Destiny revealed,
no pact sealed.

Must send all away.
Ill find myself
at the end.

Shine On!

Thunder Struck again,
Low tide ride of bad luck.
Oh What a claim,
Such a drive for a madman.

A thought lost
on a forsaken dream.
Last hope for a mind
packed in lies.

Electronic saviors
gaining secrets.
Wild endeavors
of endless regret.

Its time to shine
you golden dime.
Rise above and
Shine on!

Let Me Out

And I wonder why
I still don't cry.

I wonder why.

I wonder why
I cant let you inside.

I wonder why.

The night falls in,
the sun goes out,
im starting to fade away.

Im asking you,
Can I get through?
Im just starting to bend myself
to you!

Come let me out
or take me in,
im broken and fading away.

Can you help me
see the way,
no time to waste,
make haste,
im bending myself to you.

Come let me out
or take me in,
im broken and faded away.

Stranger For Today

Close your eyes,
its time to go far away.
Stay tonight,
its my time to say.

Im a stranger
in a strange way,
no soul to loose today.

Can you help me break away?
I dont want to stay away.
Im gonna scream my pain away.
There is a stranger for today.

Im letting all out.
Im gonna let you out!

Im a stranger
in this way,
a stranger of insane.
Im a stranger for today.

Can you help me break away?

Ghost, Angel!

I dont want to fall,
a damn cycle ive seen before.
You fall to rise again,
failure not an option,
it wont prevail.

Scars and tattoos
yet remain...

Unquestionable mind,
filled with kind.
No room for strangers,
a life of dangers.

Im a ghost,
a soul not lost,
living in a daydream.
You are just an angel,
my own inspiration.

Thirst for life,
damn stabbing knife.
To love is the best medicine.
No cure for a broken heart.


Time to escape,
there is no truth to learn.
Just a strange feeling
and a magik sight seeing.

The cluthes at far,
the lord of war,
away from space,
death in face.

Ready to invade?
Absolution lies in trade.
Shut your fear away,
a real heaven stairway.

Escape it all,
plain overal.
Simple and just,
Escape, a must!

Faces, Paces, Sound!

has many faces,
lifting up the paces
of the beats and sounds.

Unlearned truth,
wasted youth,
joined by the faces
of the beats and sounds.

Remember the way,
no gold in trade,
no place to earn
the beats and sounds.

Just raw songs,
sounds and bongs.
The way to face
and mark the pace.

The king thats found,
on beats,
or sounds.


I look.
I see.
I wonder.
I answer.

questionable event.
A simple answer,
God sent.

lurking reality.

Still I wonder
this spell that i'm under.
Last chance, last reminder!

Strange vision
for a naked soul.
Oh wondering friend,
Oh magical emend.

Please wake up!


Close your eyes.
Blank mind.
has arrived.

Teach with no words,
the best lesson learned.
The true medicine
for a shallow soul.

A troubled mind
no more!
Victory at last
on intelectual war.

Flowing like water,
Unstoppable, unbeatable.
No grip, no sour,
knowledge now desirable.

To be one
with the whole,
the last lesson
ever learned.

Sweet Surrender

Sweet surrender
to a swirling romance.
Take my hand,
dont let go.

For we are gonna
dance the night away,
take a deep breathe
and make my heart stay.

I have come
many times before
but now i know
its you that i came for.

Lets fade
to the stars and space.
No time to escape,
we are forever to remain.

Strangers in a daydream.
Open up to all the wonders.
Not to fear the cold air,
you and I, thats all i care.


Nice weather in the air,
spring is nice once again.

A filled soul,
no remorse.
Liberty at its best shot.

Who can compare,
happiness over ambition,
for one is greater,
true religion.

Orange coaster
of a spring madness.
Claim your eyes
from the atonement.

Nothing is forever,
it never shall.
Remember me wise folk,
as I hang through the wall.

Spare me,
dear father.
Help me,
kind mother.

I don't meant to,
and never wanted to
ever fade away.

Wizard Alibi

Hurry, hurry now!
He is coming.
Along the empty desserts,
the road to mordor is long.

Will you help us carry on?
Stranger in middle earth,
tangled in the deep.
He is coming.

Wizard alibi,
fog cloud foe,
misty mountain,
on my toe.

Spinal cracker
on my mind.
Don't ever let
him to find.

Early victory,
Ring to find!
A strange calling
in the wind.

War ain't Gold

A king claims
his soldier,
a man's life
over the frontier.

War and bills,
a destined heritage.
Oh poor boy,
Doomed from the start.

To rule you must not feel.
To gain power you must kneel.
A life from a sword,
corruption from a crown.

What is the price of freedom?
Slavery and predestined doom
from a leader with no plot.

It's all silver
turning to ash.
A poor mans wish,
to turn it all to gold.

it remains silver.
it won't ever turn to gold.


A mind to swallow,
a mirror of shadow.
A perfect score
to ease the sore.

A sculpting man claims
a life of righteousness.
The weak lamb aims
to break on through.

No color, no desire,
no thought of revenge.
Ambiguity, dogma,
no stream of faith.

Who are you?
Why are we here?
are we alone
or are we unreal?

Truth, lies,
more lies.

Should we not know?

Why am I afraid?
Is all not said?
foe or friend?

Wondering I answer
all i need to know.
To learn, to earn.
Ignorance is bliss.

Blank Paper.
No apparent thought.

White snow,
clear sky,
step deep
into my mind.

It's time
to escape it

Never come back!

Silence is Gold

Beauty is simple.
Silence is gold.
Blue or green,
black or bold.

Anxious for the uprising,
waiting to arouse.
Quiet wondering,
simplicity, my muse.


Our human nature hides in shadow.
Constant masks to tell the tale.
No strings to follow,
No value to keep on sail.

The ship has gone away.
Far from reality,
far from complaints.
This is no night for saints.

Are you qualified?
Are you good enough?
Are you conscious?
Are you aware? Are you truly aware?

There is no space for weakness,
there is no room for mistakes.
Keep on betting to higher the stakes,
a simple wish for us to make.

Sympathy is overwhelming,
death is certain,
life is a mystery box
waiting to be opened, never to be closed.

Is this who I really am?
Is this what I have to do?

Our life seems stubborn,
and yet, so full.
A daydream for the mind,
heart and soul to bind.

Am I under a mask?
I now know what to do,
currently conspicious,
Following my path.

I have to end my task.
For life is unpredictable.
The end may be soon,
for tomorrow ill be gone.


A strange man walks afraid.
His breath and sin do not invade.
Emptiness covers his eye,
a poor soul lost in time.

I do not see. I do not feel.
Everything around me feels numb.
How can it be said the joker?
A small deed for a small token.

Walking down the path
between light and shadow.
A place where men grow weary and hollow
and the souls become narrow.

Live, love, die.
The cycle repeats over again.
Quite unexpectedly it remain.
Is it truly aware?

A poor mans choice,
a weak child voice.
A quiet shadow,
a silent despair.

No mojo risin,
no display in nature.
Just the quiet,
quiet sound of adventure.