Our human nature hides in shadow.
Constant masks to tell the tale.
No strings to follow,
No value to keep on sail.

The ship has gone away.
Far from reality,
far from complaints.
This is no night for saints.

Are you qualified?
Are you good enough?
Are you conscious?
Are you aware? Are you truly aware?

There is no space for weakness,
there is no room for mistakes.
Keep on betting to higher the stakes,
a simple wish for us to make.

Sympathy is overwhelming,
death is certain,
life is a mystery box
waiting to be opened, never to be closed.

Is this who I really am?
Is this what I have to do?

Our life seems stubborn,
and yet, so full.
A daydream for the mind,
heart and soul to bind.

Am I under a mask?
I now know what to do,
currently conspicious,
Following my path.

I have to end my task.
For life is unpredictable.
The end may be soon,
for tomorrow ill be gone.

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