Life is full of options and choices. Each option opens up new doors where the only thing left to wonder is the possibility of What If
Thinking and reasoning are the most powerful tools we humans have. As we grow, we gain wisdom and experience which lead us to wonder about life. This wondering, this search for enlightenment, is what makes us so unique.
This search for the truth is what defines us for who we are and what we believe, the rest is just an external opinion, someone else's point of view. Take notes but never stop to believe your own judgment.
Life is short, do something about it. Think, wonder, experience, listen and use your reason. 
Remember, impossible is nothing, possible is everything as long as you fight for it.

What If you were able to change the world, what would you do?
Would you stop violence? Would you stop hunger, hate, racism ?
Its not too late to start you know, one by one we can change. One by one we will succeed in this fucked up but yet, beautiful world. So, what would you fight for: freedom or a free-doom?
Free your mind, look into your past, present, and future, and ask yourself: What If?
The rest is up to you...


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  1. la verdad te hará libre!
    increible reflexion, me encanta tu honestidad al escribir... powerful wisdom!