Open Your Eyes & Start Living

Shorten your breath and jump to the edge, hold on tight to the side of the ledge. Sharpen your mind and embrace your destiny, hopeless to walk away from disaster. A good karma will last a lifetime for good deeds pay at a golden rate. Nothing material will mend a broken soul, no physical possession will mend a broken mind.

Give without expectations, share without hesitation.
True happiness lies at a close reach to everybody that is able to see things for how they truly are.
How can you say that the grass is greener on the other side if you never take the time to look at your own side.

Truth is in front of us and still we are blind to see it. Our ego disguises true meaning for unnecessary facts to trap us inside the crystal mental prison. The key to freedom, enlightenment, lies deep within our mind and soul. Channel your energy to a positive vibration, tune your mind to restore humanity and escape the technological, materialistic, and impersonal society that imprisons us to a world of falseness. Open your eyes and start living!

Living In The Shadow of Sorrow

How many days do you think I can take?
How many nights do you think I can cry?
How much pain do you think I'll survive?
How many times should I pray for relief of my mind?

I'm holding on to what I thought would make me strong,
but it's tearing me apart and chases me around!

I found my way through this,
Lost in space and bliss.
Dreams that fade from my hands,
should I die hopeless of belief?

But soon the day will come to set myself free,
And I'll be able to fly away!
I'll fly away...