Mr. Greed, The Stranger Of Town

I'm walking through the rain,
on a cold black soul train.
I can see it in my veins
and everybody can feel the pain.
And now you are asking to yourself:
Is this the way that everybody else
dance when the believe in
all the bullshit we are living?

On the 21st Century,
where lies are all you see,
you must listen to the beat
for music will set us free.
And now you're willing to cry
because you know it
and you don't know why,
or how to break it or make it die,
this corruption that's killing us inside.

Slowly it turns you in...
Slowly it hunts you down...
Slowly it will hold you and break you inside!

Shut it down tonight
and try to break the spell.

Shake it down,
tear it out,
turn it upside down.
Break it down,
wear it out,
and be the stranger of the town.

Goodbye Ignorance

I'll be the storm at the sea before I kill you.
I'll be the ghost in your dreams, always hunting you.
I keep on thinking of ways to never leave you.
I'm living inside your mind and soon I will brake you.

Soon you will see...
Soon you will see!