Some Day Soon

Its hard to say goodbye,
even if its only for a while.
Although I'll be with you soon,
my heart cant stop to suffocate.

In past times, distance has tested us
and finally we had succeeded,
only to live it all over again.

Sweet tears that fall
from your angel face,
sweet love that bestows
my inner thoughts.
Ill wait for you a thousand lives.
Ill love you until the end of time.

Restless hearts saying goodbye,
naked souls swimming through the red sky.
Someday soon, paradise will be ours again.
Someday soon, together we shall remain.

My heart, frozen,
awaits desperately for you my love.
For now, Ill close my eyes and dream,
dream with you again.

How sad it is to wake up,
Until I wake up next to you.
My venus,
my muse,
my love!

Eternal is your song playing through my eyes.
Someday soon Ill see you again.
Someday soon, Ill breathe again.
Someday soon Ill live again.
Someday soon my love,
neither distance or time,
should keep you from me.
Some day soon Ill be complete!