It feels like a bullet going through my brain,
quick, accurate, cold as death.
Damn anxiety that restrains our mind
from thinking straight.
It all goes black and the only thing you notice
is the buzzing of your heart pumping blood through your body.

Where are the stars and why can't I see them?
Or am I really looking to the sky?
What we tend to take for granted
always seem to vanish in the blink of an eye.


No disappointment in life
should misled my hope.
The world is a battlefield
and we are the soldiers.

Soldiers of love,
Soldiers of misfortune.
Once we give in to commodity,
the light goes out forever.

We fight, not with guns or knives,
but words and actions.
For what else is there for man
to remember through time
but the words of the wise living in our minds.

Mad House

All these voices keep on asking
in a desperate tone:
What are you doing?
Where are you going?

Lost in space,
own my own time and pace,
where the voices of the people
are only soft whispers in the wind.
There I live,
trapped like a madman
in a mad house.

Why should the rain pour
over this undone soul,
and better yet,
must I ride away?

Embrace the fear,
forgive the pain,
ignore the world and dance
through the ages
as a naked soul.
Dance through the ages
in a madman's bones!

Golden Sacrifice

Our dreams of
golden sacrifice
shall sing about
our misfortune.

Tyrans will remember
our glory days
as if it were written
on their skulls...

The hand of elders
reaching out for hope
cries out into the shadows,
the enemy shows no mercy.

And there,
where the darkest moment arrives,
the heroes will rise, against all odds,
to prove that light strikes over shadow.