The thought crosses my mind,
boiling-hot red blood rising up through my vains.
An idea that entertains humanity,
but is it really there were we should go?

It makes me wonder,
and like a poet, I loose myself.
My mind travels searching for that answer.
Instantly, enlightenment appears, its ours to grab.
Dont let it slip through your life.

Black-Hearted Ace

I wanna see the road.
Im standing at the line.
The train is about to leave,
should Ill leave it all behind?

Goodbye misfortune,
you sure have been kind.
Its my time to dance,
forget the pain, slide
into a black hearted ace.

I have yet to remember
the path that I have come,
as soon it may re-enter,
destiny lies to us all.

We are nothing but misled
into violence and war,
the media that denies,
fairy tales out of lies.

Embodied in a prison,
attached to time itself.
How can we not see
truth for what it really is.
Our own mind hides the infinite from us!