Bright lights

Are you looking closely?
Are you really paying attention?
There is so much we could learn
if we but only searched for redemption.

The sound is soothing
and the lights are bright.
All appears to be in slow motion,
reassuring notion,
God never fails,
but why do we fail him?

Makes me wonder.


The glow surrounds me,
bright lights blind me
but still, i'm able to see.

Such a delight
on this beautiful night,
now i'm truly aware.

True Value

Can I find another time to run?
Im so tired of not being home.
All these things keeping me down,
a nightmare, hunting me round.

No escape pod for me,
the moment of truth has arrived.
No place for hesitation,
true value and revelation,
wise power for the nation.

Make it go away.
Take the memories and drown them.
Travel so far away,
no objective is the same,
a dead end.
Funny how all the fingers point at you,
its easy to blame when you are the one pulling the trigger.
Hypocrite friend tearing us down,
so sad being so close.

Will I ever learn?
true value is hard to find,
better keep in mind,
freedom is one of a kind.

Reality Check

Too much to handle,
your porcelain hands tremble.
Euphoric, yet calm,
your smile forever lies asleep.

No momentary pleasure,
no secret to uncover,
just the sweet smell
of the waves swell.

Another night remain
for us to feast on lies.
Will you be free tonight?
Will you see the light?

Break down the glass
and step into reality.
The world is a hard jungle,
lesson learned...

Make no mistake.

Sea of Men

People come and go
like tides and ocean waves,
never stopping, never ending.
The pace is but so fast.

Strange people echo
in the ceiling.
All the whispering...
So much feeling being breathed.

One of a million,
thousands of billions,
we are not alone.
This has just begun.

The sea of life
flows everyday,
the circle must complete.
No time to waste!
The never-ending pace
of millions making haste.


I keep on seeing
all the lights
and how the shine.
How everything
just falls apart.

I been waiting
on disguise
for all this time
Watching you,
hiding in the dark.

I keep on looking
to the sky,
and all the stars.
How the lights
flash through my eyes.

I have to leave it
all behind,
and don't look back.
Is this goodbye?
Maybe its time to part.


Beats, drums,
rhytm at your feet.
Hit those toms
and dance all week.

Let music guide you
beyond oblivion and limbo,
forget the world
and dance away.

Beats, drums,
rhytm at your door
Its time to sing,
blues or soul,
music forever.

Beats, drums,
rhytm at your brain,
forget the pain,
and dance in rain... (Never forget!)

Hard Goodbye

Ripped away,
a life to stay.
Leave all behind,
you have to let go.

A hard goodbye
feels like a bleeding heart,
faces covered in tears,
sleep away your fears.

The truth you'll find
waiting for wisdom has arrived.
Open pandoras box,
same old self-doom.

No more greetings,
its time to part.
Life and feelings,
the souless warp.
I have to let go,
wont you say no?